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Rose Lounsbury: Transitioning to a Life of Simplicity and Getting in Touch with Yourself

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Rose Lounsbury is a Simplicity Coach who offers ways for people to delve into a life of simplicity and minimalism, so they can begin to let go of clutter, create a peace of mind, and start enjoying more free time! Rose is also a TEDx Speaker and Amazon bestselling author of Less: Minimalism for Real.

Rose offers several coaching options including a monthly minimalism membership for those new to simplicity, a 6-week bootcamp, and personal coaching.

How did Rose make the transition to a life of simplicity?

Rose began a career as a teacher working from 7-4, then would come home to her job as a mom to 2 year old triplets! So, you can imagine how exhausted she was at the end of the day.

Rose found herself spending too much time picking things off the floor and too little time enjoying herself. She decided to declutter her home and let go of things she didn't really need and felt immediately better!

This new simplicity in her life allowed her to explore a new lifestyle and career. She wanted to spend more time with her kids, didn't want to go back to her 7-4 job, and knew it was time for a change. Rose had the skills of simplifying spaces and took the opportunity to turn her skills into a business that would help others experience the same peace of mind that she discovered!

"Once you are in touch with yourself, you will naturally reach people"

Rose gets the best response in her blog when she is vulnerable with her audience. There is really no need for a huge marketing strategy when you are in touch with yourself and vulnerable in your sharing.

In order to help other people fully, you have to know yourself first. When you are in touch with who you are, you are able to reach people on deeper levels. Everything that comes out of you will be honest and people will notice that about you!

Habits that help Rose get in touch with herself are going on nature walks with her dog, meditating, practicing gratitude, and journaling morning and night.


Sean McCormick 0:01 This is Earn More Tutoring, the ultimate crowd sourced education entrepreneurship Show. This week I speak with Rose Lounsbury. Rose and I talk about the importance of cultivating gratitude, how she managed to grow a successful business while raising triplets, and the excruciating decision to let go of teaching and pursue her vision of simplicity coaching. Rose Lounsbury 0:21 So I started moving forward for several months with this belief that okay, next school year, I'm going to have this awesome part time position where I'm gonna come in two and a half days a week, it'll give me two and a half days to do the mom thing. Got my kids in a preschool that would coincide with the times. And then it was spring break, right before spring break, it went across my superintendents desk, and he just completely vetoed the plan. And said, No way, we don't do this here. So my body is like reacting to this stress of having to make this decision, like do I step out of my career? Or do I do I go in full time. Sean McCormick 0:55 Welcome, Rose. Rose Lounsbury 0:56 Thanks, Sean. I'm glad to be here. Sean McCormick 0:59 Absolutely. So just to start, I would love to hear about your different offerings and business, just to share with the audience so they know what you do. Rose Lounsbury 1:06 Absolutely. So I am a simplicity coach, which basically means that I help people live happier lives with less stuff. And so the things that I offer are ways for people to delve into a life of simplicity, start letting go of their access, things start feeling more freedom and peace of mind. And so I have a membership program that's called the monthly men where we meet once a month, and I guide people through about an hour long class where we talk about one aspect of simplicity. And then throughout the month, the members of the group hold each other accountable for setting an intention and doing a check in and a reflection. And then I also have a six week decluttering bootcamp type class, and it's called The last method, which is my four step decluttering method. And I teach that three times a year, in the fall, the winter in the spring. And our goal in that class is to really focus on six different areas of your home, we focus on your bathroom, your clothing, your kitchen, your paperwork, shared spaces that you might share with your family and your storage, which includes memorabilia. So in that class, we have once a week, we meet for about an hour, we focus on the area, and then you make progress throughout the week. And then I also offer personal coaching for people who want a more personalized experience, where we would meet just one on one twice a month on zoom and focus on your personal journey, where you want to go and we delve into the clutter, the physical stuff, but also into the emotional attachments, that we all have unique emotional attachments to our stuff, which I'm sure we'll talk about in this podcast. So that's the other thing that I offer. And I do a lot of speaking events as well. So I love keynote speaking and workshops. So I do a lot of that for companies and organizations and conferences. So those are my, my offerings and what I do and how I try to help the world. I also have a book called less minimalism for real that anybody can get on Amazon or get it on your Kindle. And I have a TEDx talk as well, that's on YouTube. It's called How many towels do you need? So if you just need some inspiration, and you got about 10 minutes, that would be a really great way to sort of get you started thinking about minimalism and simplicity and how it could benefit your life. Sean McCormick 3:23 Yeah, I love I love the Ponte the monthly man. Rose Lounsbury 3:28 People don't always get that they're like, You mean like a minute. I'm like, No, like minimalism. Monthly minimalism. Sean McCormick 3:35 Right. Right. I love but it's like a minimalist amount of meetings a month. It's just one right? It's not like four times a day. Yeah, that's perfect. It's a triple entendre or something. So rose, thank you for sharing that. And tell us about how did you get into this? Were you always a minimalist? Did you know Did you what what led you into this path of really helping the world declutter and be more organized and reduce their towels? This work? Yeah, I'd love to know. Rose Lounsbury 4:05 I was motivated to help the world reduce their towels. It's just my life. No, so my journey to to simplicity and minimalism really is a personal journey of personal stories. So my background like yours is as an educator, so I was a middle school English teacher, and I also have children and their triplets and so my stories of my journey to minimalism really starts when they're about two years old, and I was teaching full time and as you know, that's a really intense job. I had to be at work by seven contractually, I had to be there at seven because the bell rang at 710 for my middle schoolers...

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