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Do you want to earn more tutoring?

Do you sometimes feel... know exactly how to help students learn new skills, but you don't know how to acquire more clients?  

...parents LOVE your work, but that just isn't providing enough referrals to go full-time with your tutoring practice? could make a bigger impact on the world if you had a consistent stream of clients flowing into your business? 

Would you like to...

...double the amount of clients you are working with in the next 6 months (or less time)? 

...double or triple the amount you are charging for your time and expertise? online, set up your schedule or maybe even hire others to work for your business? 

If you said "yes" to most of the questions below, I can help! 

My name is Sean and I started "tutoring" as a side-business in 2020 to supplement my income as a special education teacher.


I quickly realized that I was actually providing executive function coaching and I began to frame my work using that language.


Within 10 months of starting my business I was able to resign from my tenured teaching position in a school district because SO many parents were looking for an executive function coach.


To learn how to make my "tutoring" practice a great career, I started this podcast to learn from others. After 8,000 downloads and 50 episodes completed, I began to create my courses to teach others how to double their tutoring income, raise their rates and hire others. 

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet! 

Sean G. McCormick 


Hanging out in Sonoma County with my super cool daughter, Aleanna 

Here is how I can help...

...I've created two courses that will walk you step-by-step on how to become an online executive function coach AND how to attract coaching clients to your business. 

...both of my courses have free previews, so you are welcome to try them out and see if they are good match for your learning style. 

...if you decide you want to work together, you can an enroll in either or both of my courses and you'll get access to our amazing Facebook community where you will be surrounded by people working toward similar goals, with lots of expertise! 

Join 25+ students who've increased their clients & income with my courses 

"This course was exactly what I needed to transition from working with students in a resource room setting to private coaching."

Alicia Solazano

  • With your courses are there any certifications?
    After completing the course you will receive a certificate of completion which you can share with your clients, on your marketing materials and LinkedIn.
  • Are the courses live?
    No, the course is pre-recorded. All participants can connect with me via the FB group or by emailing me. Access will be provided upon enrollment.
  • Is this is a self-paced course or if it needs to be completed in a certain amount of time?
    The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete, and you will have 6 months access to all the updates and changes to the course, along with your private FB group to have any questions answered.
  • What if I want more personalized support on growing my practice?
    There is an option to purchase a 90 minute strategy session with me on the checkout page when purchasing the course. You can also connect with community members and find an accountability partner .
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