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Natalie Powell & Genny Schwarzberg: Business Strategies, Resources, and Building Relationships

Updated: May 25, 2022

Genny is a full-time Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant for a public school Child Study Team and private Orton-Gillingham Tutor/Certified Dyslexia Therapist from northern New Jersey. She has her business called Genny of all Trades, LLC bringing local families specialized tutoring.

Natalie Powell is an Orton-Gillingham trained educational therapist specializing in dyslexia and also offers coaching for SPED professionals looking to deepen their understanding of dyslexia or grow their business.

Natalie found Genny on instagram and immediately gravitated towards her because she is a consistent poster on instagram and films all of her sessions which she thought was super helpful and thoughtful. They say they’re a great pair to bounce ideas off of each other because they are in the same lane but going at each element differently.

Natalie Powell

Natalie says Genny is super business savvy and gives her so many ideas about how to improve running her business. Genny says Natalie is so open to hearing out ideas. So they compliment each other really well!

One of their shared missions is that they want to see schools start to give the approach that they are giving privately in the public world. In regards to creating community in her work, Natalie’s priority is always to build relationships with each family and student. Additionally, being a consistent poster on a social media platform makes you a person people turn to.

Genny Schwarzberg

There is a stigma of not talking about how education professionals run their business because they are supposed to be givers and not care about the money. Genny and Natalie talk a lot about their various marketing strategies and how to get clients.

Natalie talks about how she attacks being an active instagram user and how she grew it and all the tips and tricks she finds helpful. They both share that there is great value in willing to be a beginner and it also makes you a more empathetic educator for students.

You can find Natalie at, @natlalielptherapy on instagram, or email her at

You can find Genny at or @gennyofalltrades on instagram and facebook.


Sean McCormick 0:01 Today on the Earn More Tutoring podcast, Natalie Powell and Genny Schwarzberg and myself talking about how they built their private practice, how they leverage social media to grow their brands, and how they continue to support each other as they impact education community. Genny Schwarzberg 0:16 I started small just to hold myself accountable. And then I was able to just build and build and build and then Instagram came up with IG TV. And then I'm like, how am I gonna do that? And you know, I just started small again, how am I going to do real? Okay, start small again, you know, you just got it start, make the step and start and know like, it's not going to be your best work the first time. But I love it too, because it puts me in the position of what the kids must feel like, right? So it helps me continue to understand this is a really icky feeling that I have to push myself through. And then I think I'll be more capable now of helping the student push through, because they're feeling a lot more than I'm an icky feeling. Sean McCormick 0:58 So welcome to the Earn More Tutoring podcast. This podcast is all about how you can learn and take your education skills and grow them. So I'm here with Genny and Natalie, and they're going to share their story with me. Welcome, Genny and Natalie. Genny Schwarzberg 1:12 Thanks for having us. Sean McCormick 1:15 Of course, yeah. So I was thinking, why don't we get started by maybe each of you could share your offering what you do, and then we could kind of go into how that all got created. So how about we start with you, Natalie, tell us about you know, your offering and what what are you doing then we'll we'll go to Johnny. Natalie Powell 1:32 I'm an educational therapist in Northern California. And I specialize in dyslexia in my practice. So I've owned my business for five years, and I offer educational therapy for Dyslexics, dyslexia screenings, dyslexia, assessments, joint dyslexia, assessments and psychologists, everything dyslexia, parent consultations for parents of Dyslexics, it's dyslexia all day long around here. Sean McCormick 2:01 Love it. And then Genny. Yeah, I'd love to hear hear more about your thing as well. Genny Schwarzberg 2:06 Awesome. So I am Genny Schwarzberg, I own Geneva trade LLC from northern New Jersey. I've been in practice for about three years. I'm also a public school Special Education Learning Consultant. So I work full time by day, evaluating students case managing students with IEP s and special education needs, including dyslexia, and ADHD. And then on the in the afternoons, that's when I do one on one private tutoring for kids mostly Orton Gillingham approach for kids with dyslexia. And even students with ADHD, I try to incorporate also executive function, training for them. And then as Natalie does to parent coaching, I really try to dive into power and coaching as well. So we really cover our bases. I think with the students, I know Natalie, and I really cover our bases with students are really trying to also reach the parents, because they're the ones who as it's very clear as day spending a lot of time with your kids. Sean McCormick 3:01 Yeah, no, absolutely. It sounds like both of you have a wide range of skills. And tell us about the combination. Now I know you're on here together. So tell us about the relationship between you two and how your businesses interact. And that aspect you want to go to, Genny Schwarzberg 3:16 I feel like you can help me out here I because I don't remember when we first really met and you know, introduce ourselves to one another because it just seems like it's been so long now. And we just had this like instant click. And we really I think go and gravitate towards each other for a lot of professional questions that we need answered. You know about students how to help them some of the behaviors that we see with students in the in our sessions, and then as well as also kind of helping each other through the business component of it, because we both are just so educated as educators and not as business owner. So we really try to help each other Natalie Powell 3:56 that way. Yeah, I gravitated towards Genny. I found her on Instagram because she she is so great about posting consistently. And she always films her sessions, which takes a lot of competence and a lot of working memory because she's not only running the session, but she's also filming it and explaining the activities. And I just really found her activities to be so thoughtful and just so helpful in a different way than other educators that I seen working and Genny and I have different but complementary experiences. I I'm an educational therapist, she has a different title that they only have a New Jersey. We're both Orton Gillingham trained, but we took different programs. And then we're both running our own businesses. We're about the same age, but Genny's doing it part time...

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