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Lara Dawn: Working with a life coach, building an audience for your event, and manifesting goals

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Get your free ticket for the Calming the ADHD Family Virtual Summit, March 21-28, here:

Lara’s virtual summit, Calming the ADHD Family, runs March 21 - 28 which includes 38 experts in ADHD including myself to discuss executive function at home and at school!

Working with a life coach:

Lara was feeling overwhelmed with how to parent her 2 sons with ADHD. When her son was diagnosed, she started a support group and found out that she actually had ADHD herself. She started working with a life coach, who helped her understand her ways of thinking and improve her relationship with her sons and her husband.

Those with ADHD have the ability to hyper-focus on things they have interest in. Once Lara worked with a life coach, she was able to handle her emotions in healthier ways which gave her more time to focus on things she was passionate about.

She knew that she wanted to help others improve their ADHD family like she experienced herself. This led her to create the Calming the ADHD Family Summit.

Recruiting speakers and building an audience:

Lara was able to recruit expert speakers for her summit by sharing her mission with the experts. These experts have a passion for helping others, so even though the summit is free of cost, the experts are excited to participate in a summit that has tremendous value.

To build the audience for the summit, Lara pitched it by explaining in the emails the value you would get by attending the summit, as well as having the 38 speakers send emails to their email lists and social medias. It took Lara a few months to create all of the email templates and social media graphics, as well as set up the speakers.

Manifesting goals and starting before you're ready:

Lara writes down her goals, in detail, as if they already happened. Your brain believes what you tell it, so you might as well write down what you want to believe. She posted her goal on Instagram of selling 6 spots at $1,800 each for her coaching program. This goal came true in 3 months.

For educators who want to pursue a side hustle or a change in career, Lara’s advice is to start before you feel ready. Experience helps you believe in yourself so don’t worry about it being perfect, just get out there and start creating!

To keep herself grounded, Lara prioritizes having a self-care routine and scheduling quality family time. In the next 3 years, Lara hopes to help hundreds of Moms and build a team for her business to keep expanding.

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Sean McCormick 0:02 This week on Earn More Tutoring, I talked with Lara Dawn about building a massively successful online Summit, which brings together the best and brightest in ADHD thought leadership while working as a teacher, how she manifested her clients by writing down exactly what she wanted, then boldly posting it on social media. And saving not one, but two lives. Lara Dawn 0:24 Even though I felt really uncomfortable, I totally trusted Dr. Shannon, I trusted the process. And I know that part of rewiring the brain is uncomfortable. So I posted on Instagram. And guess what? A few months later my ADHD warrior mama program is now full. I have seven moms who are in my group and I have seven beautiful moms that I get to help. So that that sign that I created and that thing I posted on Instagram a few months ago. It really is true. It just hadn't happened yet. Sean McCormick 1:00 Welcome to Earn More Tutoring. Our mission is to eradicate educator poverty. I'm Sean McCormick, your host and the founder of Executive Function Specialists, an online coaching business that helps middle high school and college students develop goal orientated behaviors. My guest today is Lara dawn. Welcome to the show, Lara. Lara Dawn 1:18 Thank you for having me. It's such an honor. Sean McCormick 1:20 I'm so glad to have you. So to start, you've got this conference coming up, which I'm glad to be a speaker at calming the ADHD family. Can you tell us a little bit more about what that is? Kind of give our audience a breakdown of what's going on there? Lara Dawn 1:34 Yeah, I'm really super excited about this summit that's beginning on March 21. There are 38 speakers as part of the summit and these are all experts in relation to ADHD and parenting, including I'm so so excited. Dr. Edward Hallowell is one of our speakers. He's like, known across the world for his involvement in ADHD. He's written many, many books, including my favorite ADHD 2.0. Then we have experts like yourself, Sean, I'm so thankful that you're a part of this summit, your interview is fabulous. And you provide all kinds of fantastic visuals on how to help kids with executive functioning skills at home and at school. And in fact, I learned so much from your interview, I'm using some of your tools now to help my business run a little bit smoother. Dr. L, who's known as a parent whisperer, he gives us a look inside how we can help the ADHD brain. We have. We have nutritionists, we have therapists. We have coaches, we have teachers, neuroscientists, there's just a whole wealth of experts. And topics range from emotional regulation, self regulation, communication with the school, building relationships, mindfulness, how to get out of overwhelm. It's a value packed summit that lasts for eight days. Sean McCormick 3:10 Amazing. Yeah, I mean, I'm so impressed by the lineup you've got there. I think there's just so many people that are adding so much to the conversation around how to support students with executive function challenges, ADHD, more specifically, but they're so intertwined. And that's something I wanted to talk to you about, I think is like, you're you're creating this beautiful Summit, and people are gonna get so much out of it. Where does this start? Like, where did this journey start where you were like, I want to bring these people together so they can help families with children with ADHD. Oftentimes, parents have ADHD as well, if they have a child with with ADHD, where did the journey to creating this summit start? Lara Dawn 3:48 So I have two sons both have ADHD. They're now 11 and 13 years old. And when my my first son was diagnosed, when he was five years old, I started a support group for parents. And during one of our monthly meetings, the moms in the support group told me that I have ADHD too. And I said, No, I don't I would know if I did. I'm just really overwhelmed and anxious. And they said, Have you not noticed like you're you're you never stop moving? You're always on the go. You definitely have ADHD. So turns out, I do have ADHD. And so my story is not uncommon. A lot of moms who are diagnosed after their children are diagnosed. And often as a woman, I we feel that it's more overwhelming anxiety, and we don't realize that it's actually ADHD. And I was really feeling overwhelmed raising my kids with ADHD. And I'm a school teacher. I've been teaching for 22 years now, but at the time, I was a special education teacher. So I had a lot of tools in my in my pocket to support kids with special needs, including ADHD. But it was a whole different story when they're my own kids. So even though I had all that experience, and I did have a lot of support, I was still feeling like I wasn't coping, I really felt overwhelmed. And finally, when I started working with life coach, things changed for me. And I noticed a shift in myself, I became much more calm, happier, I found that I had more time. Because before working with...

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