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Kat Norton: Manifesting Your Dream Life

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Kat Norton teaches Microsoft Excel on TikTok and Instagram. She also hosts corporate training sessions and sells her Excelerator courses on her website. In fact, you can get 20% off Kat's Excelerator course with the code TUTOR20 at

Initially, Kat made an excel training course for her co-workers. Then, Kat started posting Excel tips and tricks on TikTok @miss.excel and now has over 500,000 followers!

At first, she had no idea how to use TikTok to her advantage but she did the research, played around with the app, and now has so much fun using it as her creative outlet!

"I did a bunch of inner work to go in and correct these different subconscious programs that were playing so that I was authentically in my self-worth, ready to show up, ready to speak my truth"

Inner child work helped Kat overcome her anxiety disorder, stage fright, and disconnection from her self-worth. If you go through your life without addressing your past and course correcting, you won't be able to align with your true self. Kat did the inner work to put herself where she authentically and originally wanted to be. After doing so, she was able to fulfill her original love for dancing and teaching through her work as a creative Excel coach.

Kat's tips for manifesting your vision:

  • Invest in yourself! Do the inner child work that your soul deserves and desires. Kat did her inner child work with Lacy Phillips at

  • Integrate self-care habits into your routine like meditating, breathwork, and affirmations.

  • There is an abundance of tools right at our fingertips. Once you gain clarity on your purpose, you are able to use these tools to your advantage!

  • Embody the person that you know you will be and fully align yourself with the highest version of you!

  • We are all capable of abundance and prosperity. Take action now to tap in to your life's purpose! There is no time like the present.

Follow Kat on TikTok @miss.excel

Use code TUTOR20 to get 20% off Kat's Excelerator course at


Sean McCormick 0:02 This is Earn More Tutoring, the ultimate crowd sourced education entrepreneurship show. This week I speak with Kat Norton aka Miss Excel and I talk about how she creates content that helps people and is fun, how by focusing on what you want and aligning your energy with your vision, it is possible to manifest it quicker than you think. And how she grow a six figure business in six months. Kat Norton 0:26 My whole business has been just me kind of co-creating with the universe, people were asking like, what PR firm did you use to get Business Insider? How'd you do that? I was like, it's almost a science experiment. For me at this point. I'm seeing how long I could do this and have the business still be flowing so much. But it essentially started this way. Because I was so busy with my day job that I literally didn't have time to spam email Hunter companies and be like, do you want to work with me spam email a bunch of businesses like I never did any of that the entire business has been just every piece just kind of falling into place because I energetically aligned myself to where I want to go. And then I just trust the universe. Sean McCormick 1:04 Okay, so my guest today is Kat Norton. Welcome Kat. Kat Norton 1:08 Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here. Sean McCormick 1:10 So to start off, could you just share, you know what you do? And in your offerings to the audience just so they know exactly. You know what, what you do? Kat Norton 1:18 Absolutely. So I teach Microsoft Excel on tick tock on Instagram. And then I also host corporate training sessions. And I sell my accelerator courses. So those are courses that take you from the basics all the way through more advanced techniques. And I've been doing this now since June of 2020. I first launched the business. Sean McCormick 1:39 That's awesome. So yeah, tell us about how you got into this. What were you doing before? And what what made you choose to jump into this? Kat Norton 1:46 Yeah, absolutely. So I was working at a consulting firm for the last four and a half years, and I was doing securitization reviews for banks. And on the side right when I started at the firm, I created an Excel training course internally for the company. And they totally backed me and supported me and had me flying around the US hosting these Excel trainings, for interns, ranging through high level executives. And I was just doing that on the side of my day job for the last four years. And then with the start of the pandemic, I had stopped traveling for work every week, I was normally flying to a different state new client every week for three years I was doing that. And once I stopped traveling, I had some extra time on my hands. So I first put Microsoft Excel tricks on tick tock, and I didn't tell anybody I was doing I remember I had so much resistance. I was like I'm 27 I can't make a tic tock. And I was my gut was like make this tic tock so I put an Excel trick on it. I had this vision of having the Excel over my head and then to infuse it with music. So the first vision I had was for the Toosi side, that Drake song with left foot up right foot slide to the left and the right function. And so I had like mapped it out. I didn't know how to video edit at the time, but I had like an idea of how I could do it. So I mapped it out. I gave it a shot. And it turned out really cool. So I was like all right, posted on Tik Tok. And then by the fourth video I posted I was posting one a day. But the fourth video I've reached 100,000 views and I was like, oh my goodness, it got pushed to all these people I knew. And then by the sixth video, the CEO of an IT company reached out and was like, hey, I really like your teaching style. I'm looking to create G Suite Training Videos for Students, parents and teachers. Because this one everything with the schools was going digital. So I didn't even really know G Suite products at the time. But I was like, okay, so I started learning online, ordered a green screen or ring light and started recording these training videos out of my childhood bedroom and then selling them back to this company. And then at that point, I was like, alright, I'll keep putting out the Miss Excel content to because it's at least you know, an opportunity magnet this point. So I was working the day job, the side hustle, got the social media thing going on. And then within a few weeks, I ended up going viral on Tiktok got over a million views in 24 hours. And next thing you know, I had 100,000 followers on Tiktok. And then everything was going on the news with tick tock is it going to go away this is now summer of 2020. And so I decided to throw an Instagram in there too. And then I had some real news go viral on Instagram. And next thing you know now I have like 400,000 followers across the platforms. And I started selling courses in November. So I was looking to monetize a bit from that actual business...

Check out the full interview below!

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