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Julia Silver: Building a Tutoring Business and Concept Development

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Passionate about improving things for students by training the adults who work with them, Julia founded Qualified Tutor in 2019 to raise standards in tutoring. She also launched the 2nd Love Tutoring Festival this past January, bringing together voices to celebrate tutoring expertise.

Julia advocates for an approach to education that makes more sense, focuses on the process rather than the outcome and takes a holistic view of teaching and learning.

Why Qualified Tutor?

2 years ago, Julia was the deputy head of a private school looking to employ a tutor for her children. She searched online and found that it was too easy to find a tutor and too difficult to find a qualified tutor.

She started Qualified Tutor because she wanted a platform where parents could be confident that they hired a qualified tutor for their child.

Julia's Business Development:

Julia is an enthusiastic, passionate, hard working entrepreneur AND a mother of 5 kids. Being able to build a business and give herself permission to be passionate and creative outside of her home was a challenge.

Julia educates herself on how to build a sustainable business by reading and listening to podcasts. Knowing how to build a business is its own set of skills…mistakes are inevitable. But, having a team by her side has been a huge help. Julia has built a team from day 1, nurtures her team, and enables each other to do their best work.

Before you make your product, you have to understand your people and the change you want to make. Take the time to develop the concept. When bringing a team together, it is important to let them be themselves and encourage authenticity.

You cannot be an expert without traveling through the stage of being a novice. It is a part of the journey and is the BEST part!

The Future of Tutoring:

There are not enough tutors willing to work for the rate being offered. Julia believes that there will be a new equilibrium in supply and demand for tutoring. Schools will discover that there is a place for tutors within their program.

You can find Julia at and connect with her on LinkedIn!


Sean McCormick 0:00 This week on Earn More Tutoring, I talk with Julia Silver about how she has established 37 cohorts of qualified tutors, and an international tutoring festival in two years, how she devours audiobooks in order to refine her vision and how she leads her team by holding them with an open hand. Julia Silver 0:19 I will tell you that in three years, I want that 3000 to be 30,000 or 300,000. Internationally, people who are part of the qualified tutor movement to our members who are using our credentials, who are attending the love tutoring festival and really digging into what it means to be a professional tutor. Sean McCormick 0:47 So welcome to Earn More Tutoring. Our mission is to eradicate educator poverty. I'm Sean McCormick, your host and founder of Executive Function Specialists, an online coaching business that helps middle high school and college students get organized so they can lead happy, rich lives. My guest today is Julia silver. Welcome to the show, Julia. Julia Silver 1:05 Hi. Great to be here. Sean, thank you so much for inviting me on. Sean McCormick 1:09 So I'm so happy to be chatting with you after your tutoring festival just ended. And I'd love to hear some updates on that. How did that go? What were the kind of reflections on that experience? Julia Silver 1:20 Oh my gosh, it was amazing. So as you say, we just came off our second love tutoring festival. The first one was launched in June of last year, with well Tuesday, which is a new awareness day that we've just launched for tutors. And the second love tutoring festival happened just now at the end of January. The third one's coming up in June. So watch out for that the love tutoring festival is a celebration of the variety of expertise and experts that we have in tutoring. We like to celebrate and bring together voices from a wider spectrum of the specialisms and tutoring as possible. But we like to share our commitment and our vision for one to one and small group tutoring as an effective and nuanced and wholesome way to educate people. So not instead of the classroom, but alongside the classroom. Tutoring should be something that everybody can access. And as educators, many of us, tutor, love to tutor and see all sorts of myths and misconceptions within tutoring. And so the love tutoring festival is coming out of this vision of something really upbeat and celebratory about the tutoring profession. Sean McCormick 2:50 Oh, congratulations. What a beautiful mission. And I know that I was you know, seeing there was over 60 hours of recorded content. Is that something people can still access posts post festival? Julia Silver 3:03 Yes, absolutely. Go to the qualified tutor website and look at the love tutoring library. And what we will be doing will be uploading all the recordings of all the free events. Let me give you a little bit about the format of the love tutoring festival. So you know what you'll find. It's a week of programming of live events. We don't schedule any to events, clashing so that you can just open the Zoom link and leave it on all day. What we have that is Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm. So we had 77 speakers, it was crazy. We had four roundtable discussions which were very, very well attended, hosted by leaders in the tutoring world and attended by everybody who wanted to learn about tutoring today. We have themes for each day. So Monday as always the special educational needs and disabilities focus that you and I have spoken about in the past, and also mental health and well being Tuesday is the business of tutoring, which you won't be surprised to hear was the best attended day. Wednesday is teaching and learning. And that was also beautifully attended because we had some really special speakers that day. Thursday was our focus on the national tutoring program, which is the UK is investment in response to learning losses during COVID. The UK government has actually put a billion pounds into tutoring into getting tutoring intervention in schools, which is huge. And it's created this interesting collision at the moment between the private and the public sector in terms of tutoring, which is really interesting. Maybe we can talk about that afterwards and Friday as well Tuesday, which is very relevant to the things that you and I have been speaking about because this vision for tutoring as an international profession, I think is really, really crucial if we're really going to build up our profession together. Sean McCormick 5:02 I mean, you are doing some big stuff, you know, to put it mildly, you know, with with this massive love tutoring festival, making the certification process or you know, kind of this coaching stamp on tutoring, working with the government, you know, all this stuff is really big. And where did it come from? Like, did you just wake up one day? And you're like, Yeah, I want to I want to change the world tutoring or how did this start? Check out the full interview below!

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