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Joanne Kaminski: Helping Tutors Earn More

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

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Joanne Kaminski was a former teacher with 10 years of experience turned online tutor and now Founder of Online Tutor Coach, LLC. She helps tutors who are great teachers but don't know how to attract students and learn how to market themselves. She not only has reached 6 figures with her own online tutoring business, but she has helped hundreds of teachers and tutors replace their income making more money than they were making in the school system.

Why take Joanne's courses?

Joanne helps tutors understand how to find clients, creatively market to them, and make the money you want and deserve to make!

When Joanne first created her online course to help tutors develop a profitable business, she only had 3 people join. But, she was still very motivated and now has an extremely successful course that WORKS! Now, tutors who join her courses end up finding and securing the clients they want and even have had her students make $30,000 a month!!

In her course, she teaches her students effective marketing techniques, how to create creative content for your website, how to speak through empathy, tapping into psychology to find your ideal clients, and more!

The marketing world constantly changes as the world advances, so staying on top of your marketing strategies is super important for a successful business. Joanne has refined her strategies to make her courses as beneficial as possible.

If you are a tutor looking to increase your profit and gain new clients, follow Joanne, go to her webinars, join her Facebook group, and believe in yourself!!


Sean McCormick 0:02 This week on Earn More Tutoring, I talked to Joanne Kaminski about the key elements to building a successful online course how to make irresistible offers to your clients and how to get more clients by focusing on them rather than your credentials. Joanne Kaminski 0:16 One person told me that they the investment they put into the course they made 100 fold from it. 100 fold investment they made over $30,000 in that timeframe of two months. White I didn't make that. I didn't make that. Sean McCormick 0:39 Welcome to Earn More Tutoring, the ultimate crowdsource education entrepreneurship show. This week I speak with my first repeat guest Joanne Kaminski. Joanne is the founder of the Jumpstart your online tutoring business masterclass. Welcome to the show. Joanne. Joanne Kaminski 0:54 Thank you. Woot woot glad to be here. Sean McCormick 0:57 Yes, and a boom cha. So Joanne, tell me about what you got coming out. Because it's big. And I know people are gonna be excited to hear about it. Joanne Kaminski 1:10 It is. So I am hosting a free class, it is called How to Create a profitable online tutoring business in 2021. And I'm so excited about this. Because, you know, there's just so many changes that are happening inside of our world. And, you know, the world of professional tutoring is taking on a whole nother level. Right, you know, we got to experience a taste of last year working with more daytime students and tutors really had never experienced that before, because they always had to work with kids, you know, after school hours. And last year, they began to get that taste of wait, I could be working with kids during normal hours and not always in the evening. And so what I help people do is find who their ideal client is, and be able to market to them so that they can make the amount of money that they want to be able to make and be a highly successful tutor. Sean McCormick 2:05 I love it. I love the clarity of your mission. And it's so clear and you do it. You know, I mean, I don't know where you're at right now. But last time we chatted you were above 10,000 followers on your Facebook group. And I know you've given me so much support on my earn more tutoring journey, you've helped me develop a course you've introduced me to your audience, you've included me in your you know, your groups that chat online, so I can share my story. So it's been I mean, you do it, you know, you do it, and you open the doors. And it's it's pretty cool. And you know, I think one thing that inspires me is that you're we're kind of drawing from similar places. I know, we're big fans of, you know, Russell Brunson and, and you starting to develop your own course. But I feel like you're also pulling from such amazing resources and like, in tuning those incredible tools and approaches for the tutoring community. So tell us about this course, you know, because I think so many people want to create their own course, and they have something to offer, but they have no idea where to start. And it's just too daunting. But you, you opened that door for me and and basically taught me by including me in it, how to do it and something I've I've kind of started to branch off and do my own thing with that with my friends who want to create courses. So tell us about your course and kind of the structure of it and what it looks like. Joanne Kaminski 3:25 Yeah, so it's morphed over time. And I think this is always the thing that we always have to keep in mind is that you're gonna keep learning things and applying them, but then your group and your community might change. And you might need to make changes to go with that. So when I first got started, I kind of started with the same mission that most people start with, I want to be able to create a course so I can make some additional income, right? Like that was really like my big motivation. I'm like, oh, what can I teach? Well, I could teach people how to start a tutoring business. Right. And that was back in 2012. So I had been tutoring already since 2010. And I was like, okay, yeah, you know, I'm two years in now I'm successful, I'm fully booked. And I had made this promise to myself that if I ever got booked solid, I wanted to start teaching other people how to do it. And so I created the course I sold the course first because that's what all the people told me, I needed to do sell your course first and then create it on the go. And so I did that. And I had three whopping people who joined that course. And I think at the beginning, we think that we think we think in such big numbers were like, oh, like 30 people are gonna join 300 People are gonna join, but I had three that join, which motivated me to still create the course because I was like, Look, they've paid me for this course I'm creating the course it's gonna happen. And what I found was, you know, some tutors over time, they were able to get great results and other tutors, a big majority...

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