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Jessica Levi: Why She Created Canta Con Jess, Positive Daily Habits, and Growing Her Audience

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Jessica Levi is the founder of Canta con Jess (Sing with Jess), which helps children and adults learn Spanish in a unique and fun way.

Learning a language has so many benefits including building stronger thinking skills, better memory and increased focus. And, learning through music makes it so much fun to learn!

Connecting the dots of her passions

Jess has always had a passion for music and wanted to create a positive impact in the community. All of the dots connected when she created Canta con Jess because it includes her passion for music and creates a more diverse and inclusive world for the generations to come.

It is often hard to know what you want to pursue in life. Jess recommends making a list of things you don’t want to pursue and exploring what interests you and makes you happy. Keep a positive attitude, an open mind, and trust the journey!

Self-reflection and healthy habits

Some daily habits that Jess does to keep a positive mindset include walking, running, enjoying nature, meditations, and listening to motivational podcasts.

Jess reflects on her experience of increasing her audience for Canta con Jess. It was a slow process to reach the first 100 followers. But, as you start producing more content, you can build your followers exponentially.

If you are passionate about your dream, take action, and stick to the values that you want to bring to the community, good outcomes will eventually come.

You can find Jess at


Sean McCormick 0:00 This is Earn More Tutoring, the ultimate crowd sourced education entrepreneurship show. This week I speak with Jessica Levi, creator of the popular YouTube channel Canta Con Jess, which teaches children how to speak Spanish through fun, colorful and creative songs and videos. Jess and I talk about the importance of following your dreams and continuing to positively impact the lives of others, how she committed to producing YouTube videos full time, and taught herself how to do everything on a budget of less than $3,000, and how through continued content creation, just saw her channel skyrocket and the millions of views within four years of starting her channel. Jessica Levi 0:37 So it took about two years to reach 1000 subscribers. And in only a year or two years after the channel reached more than 10,000. Like it started growing exponentially. So it was very hard at the beginning. And then once you start producing more content, even with a views, it took about two years to reach a million views. And then in only two years, the channel has reached more than 10 million views. Sean McCormick 1:12 Welcome everyone. Today. I'm here with Jessica Levi from Canta Con Jess. Welcome, Jess. Jessica Levi 1:18 Hi, thank you so much for having me. It's an honor to be here. Sean McCormick 1:23 I feel the same way. And I am so honored to be speaking with you today because I am a huge fan of your work as you know or my my family is. So to start, tell us about what you do. Jessica Levi 1:33 So I'm the founder of Canta Con Jess that for those who don't know, in English, it means Sing with Jess. And we help children learn Spanish in a very fun and effective way by creating producing educational music videos in a very uniquely and entertaining way. Sean McCormick 1:56 That is so true. Yeah. So just to give a little background, I have a two year old daughter and I was looking for resources to teach her Spanish because that's something I you know, I really value and want to do. And I found your videos on YouTube. And they were the best of either there's a lot of content out there with you know, Spanish and maybe a little bit of English but yours really break it down into such manageable parts. And the music is so good. There's so many different things about it that are wonderful, but the music is good, the visuals are good. And it's such a great way to teach Spanish, my daughter loves singing along with your work. And she gets excited. And she dances and does hand movements. And it's really, really amazing. Jessica Levi 2:40 Thank you so much. And you know that that's really interesting because the mission of contact on jazz is creating a positive impact in the community bringing a positive value to the community. Like I always wanted to do something to create something that went beyond just making music. Of course, I'm very passionate about what I do. I really love what I do. But what I love the most is the fact that is helping others. And learning a language actually has many other benefits than just learning a language. Because it for little kids it can help develop fine motor skills, it can help to build stronger thinking skills, better memory, it can increase the ability to follow focus, and it helps the brain to be more actively engaged and more flexible. And music for example, I think it makes it so much fun to learn. And it can it really makes it much easier to memorize than if I just tell you, you know, by speaking these are the days the days of the week in Spanish. So because music The songs are simple and easy to learn. And they are sticky, and it can help with pronunciation too. And I am another thing that to me it's very, very important is to plant my seed for a more diverse world. I think there's been since I produce animated videos, and I work with illustrations and on that I feel there's been a lack of diversity in the world of animation and with contact on Jas I want to teach the next generation Spanish with a more include creating a more inclusive and diverse content. Sean McCormick 4:35 Yeah, those those are all just such powerful reasons and if those are your drivers like how can you give up you know, I mean you're trying to make the world a better place. You're impacting the lives of children like that, you know, I'm just one person but I totally see in which is a big reason that I wanted to reach out to you and speak to you is because yeah, it really has an impact. It's so different than a video that's just Rowley saying like one oh no to No, it's like, it's so it's so engaging, and you're smiling and you know, the colors and the fashion and everything about it is like, it can, you can tell it's, it's a labor of love, but it's also so tuned to like, you know, you're trying to get little kids to sing and dance and community, it happens. Like, if you saw my living room, you'd know...

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