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Jay Veal: The True Significance of Tutoring, Building INC Education, and Getting Your Story Heard

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Jay Veal is the CEO of INC Education, with almost 11,000 students and continues to have a 95% success rate. He is also the creator of Black Tutors of Social Media and The Jay Veal brand, all of which add positively to the education field.

Why INC education is unique

INC Education is not only a tutoring company. They also offer professional development workshops, mentoring, ghostwriting for authors, resume reviews and writing, literature reviews, teacher training, etc. They are also a unique company in that they do not hire through third party/outside sources such as Indeed.

INC Education employs tutors of various backgrounds and degrees. They have engineering students, medical school students, investment bankers out of Cornell, etc. Having this array of tutors makes their company stand out because it allows students to relate to them and have an array of skill sets.

Jay's education background

Jay has a deep background in education. He originally had a job in healthcare IT, then had an opportunity to become an educator in the Texas school system. He taught high school fastrak mathematics for 4 ½ years. Jay wanted to educate beyond the classroom and became an instructional coach. He then got promoted to be a district level administrator over 7 schools.

Tutoring is a tool for students

Jay touches on what tutoring really means for students. Tutoring is not a tool to catch students up when they are behind, but a tool to help them stay ahead of the game and prepare themselves for what’s to come.

Share your story!

In terms of marketing, Jay makes a great point that you know the impact of your organization best. When you want to get your organization well-known in the media, it is important to share your story and know that you are a master of your craft. If you are unique enough and share your story with the world, you will be heard.

Showing students the many pathways to achieving their goals

As you grow up, you have experiences and values that help determine your path in life. Don’t fall into the trap of what others want or expect you to be. There are so many pathways to take, so it is important that someone shows students these different pathways, which is exactly what INC Education does.

Follow Jay on Instagram @thetoptutor and @thejayvealbrand, twitter @inceducationllc or @blacktutorsofsm


Sean McCormick 0:01 This is Earn More Tutoring, the ultimate crowd sourced education entrepreneurship show. This week I speak with Jay Veal. Jay is the CEO of Inc education, the number one African American owned private tutoring and education company in the United States. Jay has been featured in top tier publications, including Black Enterprise, Forbes, entrepreneur, Business Insider, NBC and more. Today on Earn More Tutoring, Jay and I talked about how he built a tutoring empire from the ground up, how he's created pathways for students to be supported from kindergarten to their careers, and how he strategically leverages the media to grow his brand. Jay Veal 0:39 So you have to be transparent. And just pay attention to those individuals who are in the media who do right. Who might make your story, the best story, but it's about having them recognize you and your company, the value that you provide. Is it relevant to today's situation? The why is it relevant, and then how it impacts society in your particular demographic. Sean McCormick 1:11 So excited to get this podcast started. My guest today is Jay Veal. Welcome, Jay. Jay Veal 1:19 Hey, how's it going? So I appreciate the invite to come on the show. And let's let's get cracking at some good conversation. Sean McCormick 1:26 Absolutely. So, Jay, I'd love for you to start by sharing about your your different business ventures and, and kind of telling us more about your your organization's and what you do. Jay Veal 1:36 Yeah, so I'll kind of start off by kind of talking about the lead up into all of this and kind of my background. So I'm originally from northeast to LA. I currently sit in between two cities, I spent half my month in Dallas Fort Worth. And then I spent the other part of my month in Atlanta, which I'm in right now. So I fly. I'm always traveling, trying to kind of get things get things cracking out here in Atlanta. For ink education, we were looking to have a second headquarters. And so we build our team are trying to build our team out here we got about 18 people now looking to have about 50 people by the end of the next quarter. So my CIO resides out here as well as some of the Atlanta team. And then the rest of the executives and C level Suite team reside in Dallas Fort Worth. And so that's kind of why I'm going back and forth between the two areas. But Rosie from northeast to LA. I attended the US Naval Academy in school, and also got my master's in education and curriculum structure mathematics and undergrad, I had a minor in mathematics and a BS in information systems. So I started out computer engineering, and then kind of noticed that there was a couple of programming classes I didn't quite quite capture. So moved over over to the information system side and kind of went into the it route. So from a corporate perspective, my original background was in it in tech space. And then from there with the healthcare, it also worked in telecommunications, had my bit in the financial industry, working at Wells Fargo Bank and other banks, and also the Experian Credit Agency for a couple years. So that's kind of where my financial knowledge and background came from. And then from there 2008 You kept getting emails saying, hey, come come teach, you know, American underprivileged kids. And I was like, you know, I know how to tutor but I wasn't sure how to like, be an educator at the time. And I was like, and I don't know if that's for me. But I kept getting the same email back to back every week. And I was like, maybe God is trying to tell me something. So I decided to move forward and go to the informational session about being an educator and the Texas School System. And my first year out the gate. I ended up leaving I left my healthcare IT job and decided to go into the education space and teach I went to my first assignment was at Town designs engineering was actually the same school high school I graduated from so back then, it was the number three high school in the United States. And I think now it's like number nine, I think in the US. But I was challenged to teach a very unique class called Fast Track mathematics, my first year of teaching. And so what that is, is teach the whole year pre AP geometry in a regular calendar academic year, and at the same time, I taught the whole year of free apiserver to first semester, then flip it after the break taught the whole year, I pray PreCalculus second semester, and at the end of the first year, that those freshmen students got three full credits of pre AP mathematics first year out the gate, and then a next year in sophomore year, they take AP Calculus, and they're complete. So I taught that class. First year out of the gate, all my kids get 100% perfect scores on the state exam. So I know that I that must have been a gift for me. So I said, Okay, let me go and stay in there. So I continue for another four and a half years, I spent time at Duncanville high school...

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