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Jake Kelfer: Building Human Connection and Shining the Light for Others

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Jake Kelfer is a Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Life Coach. Jake created a life for himself that he truly loves. By starting his own business, he has been able to travel the world, inspire thousands of people, and fulfill his purpose each day!

Jake's newest book, The Elevated Entrepreneur, is an interview book with 39 of the greatest coaches and entrepreneurs, with the intention of helping people become freedom achieving and pioneer crushing in their own ways! In his book, you'll learn how to pursue success while enjoying the journey, what you can do on a day-to-day basis to aid in your success, the best tools and technology for your business that will save you hundreds of hours, how to build relationships with game-changers, and more! Snag your free copy now, only pay for shipping.

We all have the potential to be the greatest version of ourselves!

Jake wrote his first book at 23! He made the commitment to be the champion of his life, continuing to evolve and living a life of "oh well" rather than "what if".

Jake was taught from a young age to build relationships with people. When he is having a conversation with someone, wether he knows them or not, he takes the opportunity to channel his energy into making that person feel like they matter and are appreciated, building trust and human connection.

We all have greatness but sometimes we need someone to shine the light for us. Wether or not we know each other, we want to leave our interactions making each other feel like we can take on the world. It's not about telling someone what to do, it's about showing someone the path of what is possible. And when someone feels that what they want is possible, they don't feel overwhelmed because they feel inside that they can do this!

"You don't have to wait to be the most successful person in the world to make a difference"

- Jake Kelfer


Sean McCormick 0:00 This week on Earn More Tutoring, I talk with Jake Kelfer about how to write an Amazon best selling book, how to fill your cups you have more than enough to share with others, and how to make others love being around you. Jake Kelfer 0:13 We say the prayer everyone shares to say lahayum, we have the sip. Now the rabbi takes his his glass, hold it by the bottom, it's spilling everywhere and he shoves the entire glass on one. And I'm sitting there. And I'm like, is this how rabbis party like is this like? Is this what's going on and so I was like, I can't wait any longer. Like I have to ask this question, Rabbi. What the heck just happened? Sean McCormick 0:40 Welcome to Earn More Tutoring the ultimate crowdsource education entrepreneurship Show. This week I'm speaking with Jake Kelfer. Jake is a coach and author. Welcome to the show, Jake. Jake Kelfer 0:50 Hey, man, it's great to be here. Sean McCormick 0:53 Yeah, so tell us about this new book, Jake, I'd love to hear you know, your your breakdown of it. Jake Kelfer 0:57 So my third book, The Elevated Entrepreneur has just come out. And I'm fired up, man, like I'm fired up about this. But here's what the book is, is it's a interview book, where I interviewed 39 of the world's greatest coaches, performers and entrepreneurs, with the intention to help people become higher performing more productivity, crushing and freedom achieving in their own ways. And the early reviews of the book have been so inspiring people are really, really loving it. But everyone is just it just excited because everybody wants to get to the next level. And what's really cool about this book is there's 39 different perspectives from some of the world's greatest in their, in their line in their industry, that have given their advice, their tips, their stories, and their inspiration to help people from all over the world get to that next level. So that's the new book. And it's out now. And we're going round, we're doing the rounds, getting in as many hands as possible. Sean McCormick 1:49 Yeah, that's awesome. I can only imagine what you've gleaned from, you know, speaking with these people and learning from them. Because after reading your, your other book, I was so inspired, I went out, I contacted so many new people, like I was like, had my list. And I was just so thrilled to build relationships, because you're so good at that. I mean, you know, when I reached out to you first, it was like you were immediately curious about what was going on in my world, what I needed, and how you could help me and you did help me, you connected me with a bunch of people, people I've had on my podcast. So I mean, what tell us like, you know, that that was such a game changer for me was, of course, I knew before that relationships are important. But to see the art and science of it that you broke down into, you know, putting it on spreadsheets, making sure you follow up in this way, making sure you're adding value, you know, all the kind of science you put into it. What what are we like, Where are you taking that with this next book, you know, I mean, with this book, like, tell us more about like, what are people going to learn from this, that, you know, maybe they started with that, that last book, I'd love to know from your perspective. Jake Kelfer 2:48 So if anybody's read elevate your network Chris's book that you're referencing, and that's entirely about the strategies and the keys to building extraordinary relationships. Now, this book, one of the really cool things, because I wanted to have some type of like sequence from that book and kind of show people is in this book, before every one of the 39 interviews, there's a section called the how we met. And it's basically me giving a one paragraph super short synopsis of how in the world did I get this interview to happen? So some of these people I've been following for 10 years, other people I've known for 10 minutes, some people I sent DMS, others I was introduced to others were like three years in the making. So it's a really cool segment that really helps dive into the networking. But in terms of like, what you're really going to learn is, I ask a series of questions, and some of the things that you can learn are going to be how do you pursue success relentlessly, while also enjoying the journey? What are the best actions that you can take on a day to day basis to become the highest performing version of yourself, you're gonna learn what the wildly successful do in their own ways, and that makes them successful, you're gonna learn the best tools and technology to use in your business, that'll save you 1000s of dollars and hundreds of hours. And then you're going to learn all of these other things, from their stories in their own personal experiences, that help them achieve success quicker, that helped them build relationships with game changers, and a bunch of other things like that...

Check out the full interview below!

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