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How to find the right tutors and coaches for your tutoring business

Updated: May 4, 2022

Having trouble hiring the right tutors? Setting a solid foundation for your tutoring business makes the rest of the business flow. Part of setting this foundation is hiring the right tutors. This can be a matter of trial and error so don't be discouraged if you are having trouble with hiring. Here are some tips to find quality tutors that match your business values:

Where should I post ads?

Sites such as EDJOIN, Indeed, and LinkedIn are great places to search for qualified tutors.

EDJOIN is a great place to post your tutoring job listing because it is specific to the education field. People looking in EDJOIN for a job are interested in different aspects of education including tutoring, teaching, administrative assistant, speech language, behavioral field jobs, and more.

Indeed is a very popular option for job listings. It is not limited to jobs in the education field, but rather gives options for all types of jobs. It is the #1 job site so you are bound to get some interest in your job listing. This is definitely a site to prioritize.

LinkedIn is an incredible platform to promote your business and find other businesses or people who share similar interests. It's a great place to find tutors because not only do they show people who are actively seeking employment, but most high schools encourage their students to create a LinkedIn profile even before they are seeking employment. You can strategically use LinkedIn to promote your business to these students and gain interest. Find people with the right credentials or those who are in the process of getting the credentials and send them a friendly message.

What do I include in my ad?

So, now you have options for where to post your job listing. But how do you make your job listing stand out?

Required vs optional fields: when filling out a job listing, there will be required and optional fields. Make sure you fill out as many optional fields as you can. The more the tutor knows about your business, the more interest they will have.

Define what you are looking for: when filling out the job description, be sure to be specific about the type of person you are looking for, what credentials are needed, the time commitment, location, compensation, training, and what the mission of your company is. Use descriptive adjectives and give the tutor a sense of what your business is all about.

Cover letter: It's a good idea to have the recipient add in a cover letter in addition to a resume. This will give you a better sense of what this potential hire values and why they would be a right or wrong fit for your company. Resume's show you their educational background, skills, and experience. A cover letter gives you a glimpse into their personality and personal interest for the job.

Ultimately, be specific so the job seeker knows what you're looking for and what they will get out of working with you, make use of all different hiring platforms, be strategic, and be optimistic and friendly!

Other things to ask yourself:

1. Have you written out a clear job description for the position that you want to hire for that includes how much they will be paid, what is paid verse unpaid (travel time/admin work, etc), and how many hours per week you are looking for? If not, I recommend starting with this.

2. If you have written out that job description, have you shared it widely on your social media platforms like FB and Linkedin, as well as with your colleagues?

3. Have you considered using the free features of Indeed to cast a wider net for your job?

Here are the episodes of my podcast that will give you some useful tips on hiring team members:

I’d also like to encourage you to join my free online business school. I’m happy to troubleshoot with you and make videos to support your search.


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