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How Jeff Copper Founded DIG Coaching Practice and Attention Talk Radio

Updated: May 26, 2022

Jeff Copper is an attention coach and expert on attention issues, more commonly referred to as ADD/ADHD. As founder of DIG Coaching Practice and the host and founder of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video, Jeff coaches individuals and entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD symptoms who are seeking to improve their personal and business results.

Jeff grew up an athlete and was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 9 and struggled through school, but in college started to learn how he best learns and broke away from the notions of “what you’re supposed to do”.

As Jeff went on with his life he learned more and more about his struggles and strengths and was really able to thrive. He had kids and had to step away from his job in finance to spend more time with them and began life coaching. Everyone started telling Jeff he needed to write a book or a blog and that is when Jeff started Attention Talk Radio.

He never expected the amazing education he would get from starting this, but now he has interviewed almost everybody that is a thought leader on ADHD.

“80% of procrastination is rooted in ambiguity”

Jeff discusses what this means and how he uses this knowledge to best coach his students. Sean and Jeff discuss how executive function and ADHD are related and lots of Jeff’s tips help with both and Jeff explains that ADHD is less an attention deficit and more an issue of self regulation.

One of Jeff’s main marketing strategies was remaining authentic to himself and his goals. One of his key phrases is “are you drowning in a sea of strategies?” and explains that that is because people are constantly searching for a quick fix but there is not a quick fix but Jeff can help lead you on a longer and more sustaining path to success.

This strategy was tougher in the beginning but once he started to gain clients and they were super happy, Jeff had crazy success and now you have to pay to get on his waiting list.

Jeff started his youtube channel years ago when he needed to get into another library. His channel now has over 300 videos and 16,000 subscribers. He uploads short videos with short lessons that are helpful to people with ADHD and he responds to every single comment to make it personal and build community.

One key to success Jeff has also found is not competing against the other people in his industry, but working with them and promoting each other. Jeff says his biggest challenge right now is taking advantage of the market because he cannot serve as many people as he wishes.

You can access his podcast, video channel, blog, ebooks, and newsletter at


Sean McCormick 0:01 Today on the Earn More Tutoring podcast, Jeff Copper and I talk about how he built a coaching brand where people pay just to get on his waiting list, how he built a YouTube channel with over 16,000 followers, and how he became a recognized thought leader in the ADHD space. Jeff Copper 0:17 Rather than go to the library and read a bunch of stuff in reading was very difficult for me because of my dyslexia because of the coding and encoding problems of letters. It dawned on me one day, if I interviewed a subject matter expert, then I can use their quotes and put them on paper and get out of reading it. And so that's what I did. And I ended up getting a minus I think, in the class. And it was, it was interesting, because again, it was first time I had done taking my own path. Well, from that point, time forward for the rest of my life, I found myself time and time again, struggling when I was trying to do the way everybody told me to do it. And I just started to do it my way. Sean McCormick 0:55 So yeah, welcome to the earn more tutoring podcast. This podcast is all about how you can earn more money as an educator, as a coach and in the stories of people who have done that. So do you want to start a side hustle, tutoring or coaching or take that business full time, then you're in the right place? Today's guest is Jeff Copper. Welcome, Jeff. Jeff Copper 1:16 Hey, thanks for having me on your show. It's a pleasure to be here. Sean McCormick 1:19 Absolutely. I'm excited about it. So I wanted to start by just asking you, Jeff, tell us about your different ventures and your different offerings. So our audience can have a little background into that. So Jeff Copper 1:29 I kind of look at my, my bit I have kind of two businesses. One is I call it my media business. I've had a podcast called attention talk radio that started back in 2010, that I've produced a show every week since then. And attention talk video is a YouTube channel. But I have both channels are dedicated to ADHD related topics. I've also got attention talk news, which is basically a subscription based newsletter that really supports the other two. So both of those parts are to provide information to those in need. I do have advertisers and stuff but it's mostly just to kind of break even. And it's, it's, it's a fun part of my business, because I've learned a lot over the years. And then there's the other side, which is the coaching part of my business, where I do individual one on one coaching as an attention coach, I specialize in adults that have ADHD. But I also with that and have group coaching program and some other offerings, like a couple ebooks and just a couple of videos and just some other miscellaneous stuff as a as a as to support that business. But what's wrapped around his I'm all things attention, everything's related to attention. So everything I do stems from it and the study of it and managing it. Sean McCormick 2:37 Yeah, it sounds like you found different ways to share your ideas on attention, and also provide coaching and support and in kind of continuing education for your audience. So out of curiosity, and also to help the listeners kind of move forward in their journey, you know, of all those of all those branches of your of your business. Which one do you find to be the most profitable? And why do you think that is? Jeff Copper 3:06 The most profitable would be my one on one coaching. It's my most profitable both financially. Also, intellectually, that's where I learned the most. It's kind of like, if you ever watched professional golfers, they're golfers but they make more money on their brands, and they actually do the tour. I learn more from my clients that really manifest everything else is there. So that's where my focus is. group coaching, I'm I do a little bit in that arena, it's a little bit more challenging, because the way I do coaching is when you have one, you can coach them when you as you start to add people, it goes more to education and workshop types of things. And the core, what I do is I like to coach and do one on one customized type stuff. So I do do some group programs where I'm coaching people to coach themselves, but for the most part, it's just a one on one experience. And that's the part that I love. Sean McCormick 3:57 Yeah, I mean, you know, as someone else who who also provides, you know, one to one support for people, it's obviously the most desirable for a lot of people, right? They want that individualized attention and figuring out how to problem solve. And I'm wondering, how did this start you know, I know you've got a background and in different different fields and in you're also an athlete yourself, but tell us about how you got into the coaching and then also building kind of a business around it and providing these educational materials and supports, Jeff Copper 4:28 So we'll have to go back to myself. I was an athlete. I was diagnosed...

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