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Brian P. Moran: Writing The 12 Week Year and finding your value proposition

Writing The 12 Week Year:

Brian Moran is the co-author of The 12 Week Year, an execution system that fosters better results for high execution. Brian and his business partner worked with clients on how to execute at a high level and found that it’s not what you know that counts, it’s what gets implemented. They decided to document what they had been doing with their clients and wrote this book in 12 weeks.

Brain tells an impactful story about a retired real estate agent, Barbara, who found out she had terminal cancer right as she was starting the 12 week year. She used what she learned in The 12 Week Year to make the most out of her time left.

Finding your value proposition:

Finding your value proposition means figuring out what value you bring into the marketplace and how your service will make their lives better. Every service is a solution to a problem, so it is okay to emphasize what the problem is within your marketing strategy, followed by how you solve that problem in a unique way.

Brian recommends marketing and networking by asking those who are already in the industry where to find more people. As far as approaching individuals, Brian has a free “getting started” course that can help with finding what you need to be doing right now to get people into your world and see your value.

Work-life balance:

Brian balances work and home life by prioritizing quality time with family. He makes a weekly plan at the start of each week so he knows how long he will work each day and making time for family and self-care.

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Sean McCormick 0:01 This week on Earn More Tutoring, I talk with Author Brian P. Moran about his best selling book, The 12 Week Year, how not all tasks are created equal, and how he reaches his goals for fatherhood. Brian Moran 0:14 Barbara was a retired real estate agent that came across a 12 week year after she retired, she said oh this is gonna be great because I can figure out what my, you know, what I'm doing with the rest of my life, right? What's the next thing for me? And right about time, she started to apply the topic here, she found out she had terminal cancer. And Barbara told us that, you know, one of the things that she couldn't think about 12 months out, but she said she could certainly plan 12 weeks out. And so she used the 12 week year to make the most of the time she had left. Sean McCormick 0:47 Welcome to Earn More Tutoring. Our mission is to eradicate educator poverty. I'm Sean McCormick, the creator of the becoming an online executive function specialist course. My guest today is Brian P. Moran. Welcome to the show, Brian. Brian Moran 1:00 Thanks for having me Sean. Great to be here. Sean McCormick 1:02 Yeah. So it's such an honor to have you on today. You know, I read your book, I was so inspired by it. Can you talk a little bit about your book? And what inspired you to write the book? Brian Moran 1:15 Yeah, so. So my business partner and co author Michael Lenningtion and I were just working with clients on really what it takes to execute at a high level, we figured out pretty early that it's not what you know, that counts, right? It's what gets implemented. And so we're working with the fundamentals of that plant. So what happened was, we were headed to a conference as a vendor. And we were thinking about what we were going to give away. And we decided to just write a short format book and document what we had been doing with our clients. And so the precursor to the 12 week year was a book we called periodization, 12 weeks to break through. We went down to Kinko's and self self printed right self published 100 copies, and took them to the conference sold them for like 10 bucks apiece. And then from that sold a couple 100,000 copies that book, it literally changed our business changed our life. But the crazy thing was, we wrote it in 12 weeks. And so that so it just made it that much that much more exciting, and that much more impactful. But, you know, it's really documenting what we had done. And then you know, so we knew it worked. It wasn't like we're couple guys sitting in the basement trying to figure out hey, what can we write about, you know, we just wrote about what we had been doing and the results it was getting? Sean McCormick 2:31 Yeah, that's why it's like, it was just almost a tool to, to share with people. But it was, it's like, sometimes it just makes them think it's like, instead of trying to plan everything out, and like make sure it's gonna be a best seller, whatever it is, you know, that you're just like, This is what we this is our value add, you bring it and then it's, it's impacting people. So if could you just give people like, kind of a short preview of what the 12 week your year is, because of course, I can talk about it all day. But I'd love to hear you know, I'm sure you've you've mastered the the elevator pitch of what the book is. So it'd be great to hear from you. Brian Moran 3:06 We're at the 30,000 foot view, it's an execution system. Right, as I already alluded, it's not enough to know you got to implement. And so the 12 week year is the execution system. And it's a different way of thinking, which fosters a different way of acting and ultimately better results. And so our clients work in the context of every 12 weeks as a year. Because we found as we were playing the fundamentals that drive high performance and drive high execution, we're doing in the context of of, of an annual cycle, which is what everyone does, right annual plans, annual goals broken down quarterly and monthly and, and no one had ever kind of challenged the notion of that. But what we found in that is just too much runway in that too much time ahead of you. It's just so easy to put things off. And so we were looking for a way to change that mindset that says, Oh, I got plenty of time. And that was we came across an athletic training concept called periodization. That's we adapted. So again, our clients work in the context of every 12 weeks as a year. There aren't four of those in here. There's this 12 week year, followed by the next and it's all about just executing more effectively, not perfectly, but just more consistently. Sean McCormick 4:21 Yeah. So I want to kind of testify to the power of this system, because I read your book. Let's see here. I probably read it in November or November of last year, so of 2021. And I had this vision for a long time that I wanted to turn my business...

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