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Andrew Hallam: How to balance your goals and build the life satisfaction you desire

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

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Defining success and balancing goals:

Andrew’s new book, Balance, breaks apart what it means to be successful. Success is life satisfaction, so Andrew provides behavioral research to show us how to live the best life that we can.

For example, a student wants to go to a good college…why? To make money…why? So I can live the life I want… why? So I can be happy. Ultimately, a student wants to get into a good college to build life satisfaction.

Having financial goals is important. But, sometimes people are hyper-focused on reaching their financial goals, and other areas of their life become unstable. This is why finding balance will create the life satisfaction that you desire.

Creating social goals is every bit as important as financial goals. Building memories and experiences may cost money and that is okay.

How to set goals:

  • Write them down -- You are much more likely to complete a goal if you write it down. Get out a pen and paper and make a list of goals for each area of your life.

  • Plan them and be specific -- Plot out when you want to have a goal finished and the small steps in between that will get you to that goal.

For example, if you have debts, write down where you are at right now. Then, work on paying off your smallest debt first. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment and motivates you to move on to the next one.

If you are wanting to write a book, plan out when you want to have a general outline finished. After the outline, plan out when you want to have the introduction/first chapter finished. This concept of goal-setting can apply to any goal you want to achieve.

  • Share your goals -- Telling your goals to a couple of people you trust is a great way to keep you accountable, get advice, and receive feedback.

You can connect with Andrew by joining his Facebook Group: Millionaire Teacher, his website at and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Sean McCormick 0:01 This week on Earn More Tutoring, I talked to Andrew Hallam, author of the new book Balance about how to set goals you'll actually achieve, how sometimes stopping doing something is actually the best way to get it done, and how a tiny town in Pennsylvania discovered the secrets to living a long life. Andrew Hallam 0:19 And what I used to do is when I had a mortgage, I would put down what my outstanding principal on the mortgage was, and I could see it in the cupboard when I opened up my cupboard to go for shirts in the morning, I would actually see what I owed. And I would slash it and I we did it, it was tactile, I did it with a pen and paper. Sean McCormick 0:40 Welcome to Earn More Tutoring. Our mission is to eradicate educator poverty. I'm Sean McCormick, the founder of Executive Function Specialists, an online coaching business that helps middle high school and college students feel better organized. And I started this podcast to learn more about how to grow my business. My guest today is Andrew Hallam, the author of Balance, how to invest and spend for happiness, health and wealth. Andrew, welcome to the show. Andrew Hallam 1:03 Thanks very much. It's great to be here. Sean McCormick 1:06 So Andrew, I wanted to start with a fun little fact, I just want to share with you that your episode of the close, I think we're at around 45 Now is the top downloaded episode of all my episodes, I've been tracking the data and I just wanted to share that because it's I think it's kind of a signifier of how powerful your message is, and, and also how awesome your life is that you've been able to travel all over the world and be a millionaire educator, so So I just wanted to share that with you. But that is not the main reason you're on today. The main reason is because you are just released a book, I have my copyright here, balance. And I'd love for you to kind of give us a broad overview of you know, what your intention was behind writing this book, and then maybe we can dive into some specifics about the message and the key ideas in it. Andrew Hallam 1:59 Yeah, thanks, Sean. It was really, it was a really about me, I guess, breaking apart the traditional sense of what it means to be successful. And looking at what our motivations are for just about anything we do. So everything from like, you know, by ask somebody a question like, why are you choosing that career? Or why do you want to save money? Or why do you want to run a marathon? Or why do you want to go to the bathroom right now? Like, like anything and everything? You know, when you continue to dig with that question, why it'll always come down to life satisfaction. Like they want to feel they want to feel good, or they want to feel secure, they want to feel safe. And so with this book, I really wanted to identify the fact that success was life satisfaction. And so based on that, what does research suggests we need to enhance our life satisfaction. What does behavioral research what tips does good behavior does do behaviorally researched Behavior Research, give us to live the best lives we can. And so I wanted to use that as my foundation for the book balance. Sean McCormick 3:05 Yeah, I really liked how it's a combination of research and, you know, your personal experience, I felt like when I was reading, reading it, you know, starting off with, well, you know, I want to share first because this is a slight spoiler, but only on the first the first page is one of I'm an I was an English Lit major. And one thing I always look for is like a good first sentence. And I've got to read your first sentence here, because it was one of the best verse sentences I've read in books in a long time. So So Andrew says, or this is this is pre first chapter. But in the introduction, if I had asked, Why do you not want to pee your pants, they would have given me the same stare. And, you know, you go on to talk about, you know, asking why do you want to get into a good college? Why do you want to do well in school? And then kind of getting back down to that? Well, because they want to be happy, right? Well, why not start with the happiness or the satisfaction? But that was such a great hook. And I wonder was that was there intentionality behind that? Were you really trying? I mean, I'm sure you want to grab the audience. But I'd love to know your philosophy behind just creating such a good hook for the for the introduction of the book. Andrew Hallam 4:15 Well, it's a legitimate question that I asked the students like, you know, and it was a real shocker because it was a private school. And most of these kids had Ivy League ambitions, and their parents certainly had Ivy League ambitions for the kids. And so, you know, for me to ask them like so like, why do you want to do well in school, for them was just a complete shock. I mean, it woke them up for starters, and it made them think well, that this is weird...

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