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ADHD and Executive Function: Impact on Learning, Motivation, and Behavior Workshop

Learn the full social and emotional impact that ADHD and Executive Function challenges have on learning, motivation, and behavior so that you can make the systemic changes needed.

Email Marketing

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Grow your audience with ConvertKit, a marketing platform to collect subscribers, create landing pages, send out newsletters, and more!


Parents Guide to Motivation -- Download (Free)

If you want your kids to clean up their rooms, finish their homework, stop talking back, or simply respond well anytime you ask them to do something… this is a great place to start.


“Sanity School” Parent Training Course (Online Behavior Therapy)

Training program for parents of children with ADHD and related challenges offers reality-based strategies for parents (Behavior Therapy). Online classes are affordable, accessible and effective, reinforced with a workbook, weekly emails, an online forum, and group Q & A calls with a coach.

ADHD Parent Coach Academy

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Teach parents the tools and strategies to reduce the anxiety, depression and defiance in their child, and create an environment that will help their child, and the entire family thrive!

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Calm and Connected: Parenting Kids with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges Workshop

Join Cindy Goldrich for her acclaimed parent workshop, Calm & Connected: Parenting Children & Teens with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges© where she teaches the tools and strategies to help you parent your child effectively and inspire positive change!


What is Behavior Therapy? Article

Behavior Therapy in the form of Parent Training is recommended as a key part of treatment for children with ADHD. This article explains what Behavior Therapy REALLY means -- and it may not be what you think.


“Parenting with Impact” Dr. Hallowell’s Keys to Unlocking ADHD”

Find peace in parenting when Dr. Hallowell’s most essential wisdom is combined with parent coaching strategies and methods in this 4 part Parent Training video. Workbook included.

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Award winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management

Find products and tools to improve your organization and time management skills, including the award-winning Academic Planner: A Tool for Time Management® created by Leslie Josel.